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............WinterStrain............ "WE WILL BE THERE"

Reviews of Return To The Mirror

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Geir Helge Fredheim - Vocals
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Karl Gudmund Birkely - Keyboards
Lars Rikard Kvaal - Bass Guitar
Rolf-Erik Nyland - Drums
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Reviews of Return To The Mirror
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Here is the first review I have found of the cd !!

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Keeping in the best traditions of bands like Gamma Ray, Crimson Glory, Symphony X and even maybe Edguy a band new to most of us has risen from the frozen Arctic region of Norway. Winterstrain has in fact been around for some 15 years, struggling to make a name for themselves. What began as a four track sampler has become an excellent and most impressive and unbelievably fantastic CD. Trying to place a band in any certain genre can be difficult but it is safe to say if you enjoy Progressive Metal, Progressive Hard Rock or even Symphonic Metal then Winterstrain is a band for you. I have even heard it called Artic Progressive, which I think is cool!!

The band is: Geir Helge Fredheim (vocals), Arnulf Ovre (guitars) Karl Gudmund Birkely (keyboards), Lars Rikard Kvaal (bass), Rolf-Erik Nyland (drums) and helping out on backing vocals is Tony Mills of Shy and Siam. The CD was mastered by Mark Stuart of Magnum fame. “Return To The Mirror” starts out with “Another Time” and “Another Day” immediately with lots of keyboards big overtures and melodic vocals. Very symphonic and with epic grandeur the track “Mountain Inside The Stone” has ripping guitar solos and soothing vocals. “A Battle” is another fine arrangement with icy cool harmonies, great guitar riffs, and an all out rocking rhythm section. The track “Leon” (a reference to Luc Besson’s movie “The Professional”) is a soothing balance of keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars and very harmonic vocals. The final track “Sail” is a very proggish rocker reminding me of Pink Floyd.

There are 10 inspiring and impressive songs presented with “Return To The Mirror” very professional and very outstanding for a first release. Take a trip and follow them to the beautiful white way of the north, and enjoy the refreshing sounds of Winterstrain.

...............................................................................  click on the interview link and look for Rolf-Erik Nyland of WinterStrain (this is an excellent interview)
This review is in Italian, so unless you can translate it ..... but the cd does get 80 out of 100 !!!