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My Review Of Return To The Mirror

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Geir Helge Fredheim - Vocals
Arnulf Øvre - Guitars
Karl Gudmund Birkely - Keyboards
Lars Rikard Kvaal - Bass Guitar
Rolf-Erik Nyland - Drums
Not any old backing vocalist....
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My Review Of Return To The Mirror
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I have to say this album has made a big impression on me. Outstanding musicianship. Superb melodies. Fantastic guitar and keyboard solo’s. The wonderful backbone of Rolf’s drumming and Lars bass guitar. And the final ingredient . A sensational voice.


Here are my thoughts on each track.


Another Time:


Great opening track. Wonderful guitar intro. Smooth keyboards and one hell of a catchy tune. This would be my choice for the second single from the album !!


Another Day:


Being a drummer myself I love picking out all the little fills Rolf throws in here. Superb bass drum thumping along and a nice slow down for the bridge before the chorus takes off again !! “Temptation”…….you bet there is. To keep playing this fantastic song !!


The Family Secret:


WOW. Superb guitar riff to start the song. Sensational bass guitar and thumping drums. Karl has the keyboards gliding effortlessly in the background. Outstanding vocals from Golden Tonsils  and backing vocals from Tony Mills.

I love the drums on this song. The chorus is a real cracker and the ending is magical…..”You Search For It”… YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS




This song is so powerful. Geir is at his finest on this song. Absolutely moving vocal performance. The ending sends shivers all down my spine. An utterly amazing song with a superb guitar solo. Very strong bass guitar all the way.


Rumours At Speak:


Superb keyboards to start us off in a fine Marillion sounding fashion. Complimented by a great guitar solo and again thundering bass drums from Rolf.

More of a Queensryche feel to this song as a whole. Vocals again are of the highest order.


Mountain Inside The Stone:


This was my favorite when I heard the medley all that time ago !!  Fantastic lyrics. Backing vocals are so strong on this track. Excellent keyboards. Very catchy tune which just keeps on growing. You can’t “NOT” love this song.


In Your World:


The first single from the album for me !!!  Bloody marvelous guitar riff. Such a catchy tune. An instant hit for me. I can’t see anyone fail to love this song !!

Superb guitar solo.


Broken Defence:


Very calm and peaceful song. Wonderful keyboards and a stirring vocal performance. Excellent guitar solo to make this a truly amazing song.



A Battle:


This to me is the ultimate progressive song. Thundering drums and bass guitar. Outstanding keyboards and again sensational guitars. The intro to this song is utterly amazing. The ending to this song is carried along by the perfect bass playing from Lars and thundering double bass drums from Rolf. What a song !!!




My favorite on the album along with Leon. This song is perfect. All band member play their hearts out and are all in perfect alignment with each others feel for this masterpiece. I have to be honest and say that Karl’s keyboards are nothing short of perfect on this song.


To sum this wonderful work of art up in one word would be impossible. All I can say is I see this to be a very high standard for a debut release and if this album is to be bettered then I certainly can’t wait to hear the next album and beyond.

Tony Mills adds quality to the backing vocals which enhances the songs to their maximum potential. The album goes by so fast when listening to it. Which means you just have to stick it back on again !!


Well done lads. An achievement to be very proud of.