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............WinterStrain............ "WE WILL BE THERE"

Geir Helge Fredheim - Vocals

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Geir Helge Fredheim - Vocals
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Geir.....better know as Golden Tonsils by myself is a hidden gem of a singer waiting to sparkle when the world want's him to be famous. This guy has the voice to go that far and my favourite vocal part is the ending on Leon where it tells it's own story.

Born 1st January 1973

** Just in !! ** Geir Helge's other band Paganize have just released their debut album Evolution Hour. It's fantastic and you can check it out on the Paganize link below

Interview from April 2006


What a weekend Geir Helge !!!  Z Rock was a blast.

How do you feel personally Z Rock went for you ?


-Well, there’s always room for improvement. And as a musician you must

look for those minor faults and the “dead time” in the show. Cuz’ you are

on a stage to deliver something special and heartfelt. So you got to give

it your all or there’s really no point at all!

That said, the gig went very well and all things around it was splendid!


Do you believe it was worth the effort for the band to travel such a long

way for the gig ?


-If there was only one man in the club, and that man was a devoted fan

after the gig, it would have been worth it. Get the picture, of course it

was worth it!!!


What was your favourite memory of the WinterStrain gig ?


-Ahh, now that` s a difficult one. Have to say the chemistry between the

band members and our interaction with the audience!


What was it like sharing the stage with Tony Mills?


-Words can’t describe it…… A moment of humility and admiration at the same

time, having one of the best vocalists backing little me….. No, that can’t

be described, only experienced!!! Sorry…

wow….I get the picture !!


When Rolf Erik came off the drums and started to speak to the audience

what were your thoughts?


-I knew there would be some kind of attempt to be funny and some serious

shit about the band. If that got through to the audience is not for me to

decide. But he is the spine of the band and I think that he deserves his

moment in the spotlight!!! Ha ha ha….


You dedicated A Battle to a little Scotsman in the audience. I know he was

proud as hell for you doing so. WHY !!! ???


-It was the right thing to do, no one has ever believed in us that much.

His dedication and effort for our band is stunning and take my breath

away. Thanks!!!



If I had to pick a song I thought the band played the best I would say

Mountain Inside The Stone. What was your favourite song on the night?


-I am in the fortunate position that I don’t have to have a favourite. All

of our tracks give me something special and it’s my job to deliver that

“feeling” and “message” to the audience. Live they` re all favourites of



Leon as you know is my favourite song on Return To The Mirror. This would

be my pick for your best vocal performance on the night. !!


-Yepp, and a good choice it is!!


So how much are you looking forward to playing the Polar Rock Festival as

this will be the biggest gig any of the band have ever played in front of ?


-It’s not hard to be a rock’n roll hero in front of a big audience on a

huge stage. But if you manage that face to face with them in a little pub

then you got something, trust me I know. But you’re right it will be the

largest crowd so far….. I say- bring ‘em on!!


You guys were really tight as a band . Considering you have only had 4

gigs and 3 rehearsals were you surprised by how well you actually played ?


-No, I know these guy’s and now what their good for. Some of our country’s

finest musicians they are, so I wasn’t surprised! And with Rolf finally

placed behind an acoustic drum set it felt like being in the middle of a

Cape Canaveral rocket launch. Full throttle from start to finish!


Any other gigs planned for WinterStrain other than the Polar Rock Festival ?


-Ohh, there’s some loose rumours and not confirmed things out there. I

want this band to play as much as possible but there’s got to be a

financial question as well. We are only amateurs on the live scene and we

have families and loans to take care of  so……


Is there anything of the weekend in Crewe you would change ?


-That there wasn’t more time…… time to Cradle, Sicknote, Maximus7, Richy

and of course Mcophie!



Do you have any message to the fans who came along and  supported you at

the Z Rock gig ?


-You are truly fantastic folks!!! Thank you!!!



So can you tell me what “The Blanket Man “ looks like !!!   ha ha ha 

(personal joke….Geir was drunk, so let’s see if he remembers) !!!


-Oh yes it was like this you see. I can be a bit phobic, so instead of

sharing a blanket with a Scotsman that -I might add- only one night before

had shared blanket with another man. I saw no other way of getting a good

night sleep by bribing the night portiere with a kiss to get an extra free



I can’t thank you guys enough for taking me out for my dinner on the

Saturday night. So again, for the record I thank you all so much. It was

worth it to see Rolf’s face when the Italian owner said his gold card was

refused !!!   What a picture his face was !! ha ha


-Oh it’s only money, friends are priceless!! The same thing goes for Rolfs

face- priceless!!



I still have 2 cans of lager from Norway you gave me as a present and I

promise not to open them until you are sitting in my back garden one

summer drinking it with me !!


-WHAT, no no no my man! I’ll bring some new one’s next time! If you start

now then maybe you’ve emptied both of them by the time you travel to

northern part of Norway!



We had great fun at the hotel over the weekend. What was your favourite

memory of the stay at the hotel ?


Meeting you at last Steven, my man!



Geir…or Hellsing as you are better known….thanks for one of the best

weekends of my life. You are a great friend and I can’t wait to meet you

and the band again when I come to Norway in June. Take care my friend.


The same goes right back at ya!!!!!!!



Interview from November 2005


It is now only 3 days to the release of “Return To The

Mirror” !! A major step towards your dream. Tell me,

what are you’re feelings right now knowing you have

recorded a full album and it is just about to get a

world wide release!!


-It’s awesome, my feelings are all over the place!

It’s a dream come true for me and the guys.


What are your hopes for this release?


-That the rumours and the reviews of this album will

send it right on top of the chart! And becomes a mile

stone for music lovers, like it is to us!


The new cd  is already in the process of recording !! 

How long is it before you start to record at the

WinterStrain studios after receiving the mini discs

from Deenfan?


-The recording schedules are not set at the moment,

some of the pre productions are already recorded and

it’s time for me to do my part on some of them. And

some are more in the air, waiting for us to do

something with them. The only thing that is certain

are the drawing lines for our next, and hopefully

we’ll be finishing it late fall next year.


Tony Mills has agreed to work on the  new album.

Possibly coming over to record the backing vocals in

Norway.!Surely this is something that excites you,

getting to record face to face with the great man

himself !


-Well now, there’s a MAN who really know his stuff!!

Sir Tony, I can hardly wait to meet the person face

to face. Some of the songs on our RTTM record he blew

wide open with his singing. A true master at work!!! And

yes, I do expect to learn a lot from him, but first were

going to have a few litres of BEER!


Any plans for a celebration for the release next Monday ?


-Not a big fan of drinking in week days, have work to

attend to- you know. But some kind of celebration

I’ll guess it have to be! But then again next time I

meet the boys!!!!!!!


You are in a few bands as we all know. If WinterStrain

start to get noticed a lot more will that not make

life difficult for your other projects?


-I’ve always considered myself as a pretty laid back

guy, whom seldom get thrown of balance! I need to

perform live, it’s one of the reasons of my existence

and development. Key word- keep busy. And I think all the

bands gain from  that; a voc that’s always ready for

a show or recording!


Do you hope for live gigs with WinterStrain to promote

the album?


-Yeah, and making a living by doing that would be

my dream……



Well Hellsing, thanks again for taking the time to

answer a few questions from me.


-Anytime, Cradle!


And on a final note is there anything you would like to

say to the fans out there awaiting the release of Return

To The Mirror  !!


-For those about to rock- WE SALUTE YOU!!!!!!!

Hhahahhahhaahhhaaa, pretty sticky that last one

there Cradle, thanks for the interview man. And see

you on the forum!!!

Hellsing …aka  Geir-Helge


Hellsing. The pleasure was mine. Thanks very much. ;o)




 First interview with Hellsing from September 2005


So Hellsing……..what made you want to be a singer in the

first place?? Was it the thought of all the chicks at

the gigs??


Yeah probably, but not the only reason. I guess a

part of me wanted to be recognised and appreciated

no matter what sex.


Well Hellsing. With a voice as good as yours I don’t

think you will need to worry about being recognised !!


Do you remember your first ever gig and what was

your band called at the time??


Yeah, I remember. The band was called Channel 1. It was

in April 1984 on some sort of school-dance.


We all know you as Hellsing on the forum. Why Hellsing ??

What does it stand for??


Hellsing is a Norwegian word for greetings.

A norwenglish gag.


Favourite band/singer and inspiration ??


I think Led Zeppelins Robert Plant were one of my

idols and inspirations.

These days there are many. Such as: Dio, Dickinson,

Tate, Lee, and so on..


What is your favourite drink ?? 


Irn Bru hahhaha No, water is nice in Norway and we

have some good beer labels too; Mack Haakon


Who is your ideal woman ??


Modesty Blaze. Nice combination of firm thigh's and

intelligent mind, and most of all lethal.


If you had one wish, what would you wish for ??


Get rid of all war, peace, religion and politicks and

stuff.I think It’s really important that beauty comes

from the inside ;)


Which band member has the most annoying habit ??

And what is it !!!


It’s probably me… Being the blonde in the band, and

always thinking everything’s going to work itself out.


Who is the most famous person you have met ??


One of the Norwegian divas:

Whenke Foss.It was kinda funny.


Tea or coffee ??


Tea is for suckers (sorry you Brits)I'm Scottish and

drink Irn Bru ;o)


If you had the chance to play one gig in your life and

have one support act play for you, who would you pick

and where would it be ??


Rio Brazil with Iron Maiden as support.


What are your dislikes ??


Self absorbed people.


If you could turn back the clock and change one

thing…what would it be ??


Not a big fan of messing with the time.


You have sang in quite a few bands in your time !! Can

you name them all for us here !


Channel 1/ Rise and fall

Close Race/ Winterstrain

Mons and the cat’s


The Steve Cooling Band


The Polar Beer !  My Svalbard band for the Blues Festival


It has been a pleasure Hellsing having a wee blether

with you. Thanks for taking the time to answer my

questions and all the best for “World Domination” with

the mighty WinterStrain !!