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............WinterStrain............ "WE WILL BE THERE"

RTTM as described by Deenfan

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Geir Helge Fredheim - Vocals
Arnulf vre - Guitars
Karl Gudmund Birkely - Keyboards
Lars Rikard Kvaal - Bass Guitar
Rolf-Erik Nyland - Drums
Not any old backing vocalist....
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RTTM as described by Deenfan
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I feel I should say something about this album as an entity. It is 100% a product of passion. -For melodies, for lyrics, for music. For the passion of performing. Depending on how hard you listen and how good your musical ear is, you’ll notice minor “mistakes” or “questionables” through the album. Then you’re just another step closer to the full experience of our art. I think it’s safe to say we know pretty well what goes on on this album. We’ve gone through it, piece by piece, track by track, and there can be little we’re not aware of. And if there were, so much the better. If even we can discover something new in the years to come, we’ve really done good!

What you need to understand is that we, with today’s technology, could have corrected every mistake, made sure every drum beat was exactly in time. We didn’t do that. We didn’t even use auto-tune. Whatever’s in there that would confuse a robot, is good. While I’m fascinated with the production on some of the new stuff that’s coming out, I also wonder how long it’s gonna last. The peak level meters doesn’t bounce away like they used to. They just go right up to 0db, and stay there for the duration of the song. It’s got no pulse. It doesn’t breathe. It feels like it hits you right in the face, yet it’s dead.

Through the long hours down in WinterStudios, acting as co-producer, co-mixer and sole engineer, my goal was landing somewhere in the middle of the modern and the classic. The overall sound of the album is a product of how each member perform, and what songs we write. Not for one split second have we reached in any direction to sound in a certain way. That wouldn’t be us. We sound like this by default. Any attempts at changing that would be moving towards the unnatural.

I thought it sounded forced back in the early 90’s, when melodic acts tried to join the grunge “party” - which it wasn’t, of course - and they all regret their move today. I think there’s a lesson to be learned. Maybe we’ll change a tiny little bit through the years. That is only natural. And in there lies the everlasting truth we live by.

I hope you will like “Return to the mirror”. It’s made up of songs we wrote because they came to us, asking for existence. Then we played them the way we play songs. Listen to an album that comes entirely from the heart, spiced with a whole lot of art by accident. Enjoy!


Gossip !!

Animus has set the ball rolling. Here is some inside information from the guitar wizard on Deenfan ;o)

Deen is a hard hitting drummer. (Youve met the man, so you figure. :D ) Way
back in the olden days, he used to beat his cymbals to death, literally
crashing them into splintering parts. Maybe that’s one of the reasons he’s only used electric drums for the past 5 years or so...The cymbals are made out of
some sort of rubber, and have not been crashed yet...:D 


Thanks Animus. Now I know I should never get into an argument with Deenfan or he would smash me into a pulp !!!